How is everyone doing today? No one’s talked to me in a while.

Anonymous asked:
(Ok second part) (who he desperately wants to get with) came out and told him to actually talk to me. He broke up with me a week after that because of "distance" (his dad brings him out here every fortnight to shoot rabbits so it can't be because of that) and now everyone is treating me like a bitch when I had done nothing wrong. I've self-harmed numerous times since then and no one around me seems to care. (Again to be continued)

I care. Fuck all of them, you did nothing wrong so don’t let them get to you.

Anonymous asked:
So I've been 1 month without self harm and while my best is two I really want to be able to get to a year and just continue. I'm working so hard on recovery. I am getting a tattoo in 4 months to remind myself I am a warrior and will get through this

That’s amazing. Whenever you want to go back just remember why you stopped. Stay strong darling.

Anonymous asked:
I think i'm addicted to cutting myself, i do it for a while then i stopped and now i want it to do it again so badly.. :( and idek.. I love sharp things.. Help me..

Cutting is an addiction and I know it’s hard, you just need to find something new to help you through your pain. Find a distraction. I’ll help you if you want. I am always her.


Why don’t you guys talk to me? Let’s be friends!

I hope everyone is having a lovely day.

I don’t understand why anyone would fangirl over me.

Anonymous asked:
What is your story?

It’s really nothing special. If you want, I put i on my personal though.


My darlings, you never talk to me anymore. ):

How was everyone’s day?